We will make it easy for you

Our experience in the body shop business enables us to streamline the process while ensuring Quality, Workmanship, and Reliable service. This is the process we follow once your vehicle arrives at our collision center:

1.  Consult

We consult with you and review your insurance policy to determine your coverage, rental car eligibility, etc.

2. Prepare Estimate

We prepare a preliminary computerized estimate to determine extent of damage and cost. Depending on your individual policy, type of damage, and age of your vehicle, we can advise you whether it is in your best interest to file a claim OR to handle repairs out of pocket.

3. If You Report Accident to Your Insurance Company

They will issue a claim number and assign you an Insurance Adjuster/Estimator. They will give you an appointment so the Estimator can inspect your vehicle and document the damage. Let them know you want your vehicle repaired at JJ Collision Center. Do not allow the Insurance Company to “pressure you or steer you to their preferred shop”. It is your right to choose a body shop/collision center you trust. If you vehicle is not drivable and is in our shop, the Estimator will inspect your vehicle at our facility OR we will get your vehicle to the Estimator’s office if they can’t make it to our shop within a day or two.

4. Insurance Approval

Once your claim is filed and your estimate is approved, we begin the repair process.

5. Rental Car

If your policy allows a rental car, the insurance company will give you a reservation number so you can pick up a rental car while we work on your vehicle. To streamline the process and minimize costs, we recommend that you do not pick up your rental until we have parts on hand. If your car is not drivable, you should be authorized a rental car right away.

6. Parts Ordered/Received

Once all parts are received, we let you know so you can arrange to pick up your rental car and drop off your vehicle at our shop. If you are not able to drop off your vehicle during work hours, we will gladly pick it up your home or office.

7. Estimated Completion Date

We provide you with an estimated completion date and we keep you informed and updated during the entire repair process.

8. Disassembly/Inspection & Supplement Request/Approval

As your vehicle is disassembled by our collision experts, additional or hidden damage may be discovered. We immediately report our findings to your insurance Estimator for review AND we notify you so you are aware of potential delays. Once the insurance company/estimator approves the supplement request, we continue repairs and order additional parts if needed.

9. Customer Updates

We keep you updated by phone, text, or email on the status and progress of your vehicle’s repairs. We also notify your rental Car Company and insurance company in case they need to extend your rental agreement.

10. Structural and Body Repairs

Our certified technicians begin by working on structural and body repairs as needed. In this process we measure your vehicle against factory specifications and return it to the manufacturer’s prescribed tolerances which are critical to the safe operation and appearance of your vehicle.

11. Panels Repaired OR New Panels Installed

Collision-related repairs require some degree of cosmetic repair or replacement of factory panels. We ensure proper fit so all parts look, fit and align correctly.

12. Additional system and safety checks

We check all affected systems for proper functioning and we perform quality control on the repair work. System checks include Air Conditioning, Radiator, Air Bag reset/replacement, etc.

13. Paint Prepping and Masking

Our technicians begin the refinish process by applying a primer and a surface filler to ensure a quality, uniform, and smooth surface. To ensure that the highest quality standards are met, we carefully mask your vehicle to protect it from overspray during the refinish process.

14. Multi-step Refinishing

Our DuPont-certified technicians prepare the formula to ensure factory paint matching.   We place your vehicle in our custom Viking side-draft spray booth to provide a controlled atmosphere where our paint expert does his best work. We always refinish with a Clear-coat to ensure a quality finish. We only use DuPont finishes and products which meet or exceed the original manufacturing specifications and which are backed by a lifetime paint performance guarantee.

15. Reassembly & Alignment

Once your vehicle has gone through the refinish process we reassemble and reattach mirrors, moldings, and other hardware. Wheel alignment is completed and new tires are installed as needed.

16. Detailing, Final Inspection & Quality Control

Lastly, your vehicle will get the Special JJ Collision Center Touch. We give your car a thorough cleaning and conduct a quality control inspection and test drive to ensure customer satisfaction.

17. Ready for Pick up

Once our process is complete, we contact you and make arrangements for you to pick up your vehicle at our shop or we schedule a delivery to your home or office.

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